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Solar home lighting systems

Aadhav solar providing sustainable and energy efficient lighting solution to rural and urban areas in tamilnadu. application of aadhav solar lighting system is Home lighting, rural house lighting, emergency lighting, emergency power back up, study Room lighting, ideal for rural homes, hostels, canteens, restaurants, shops, show rooms, garden lights, pathway lighting.

The use of LED, CFL based and battery enabled solar home lighting system which is capable of running two lights, a television, computer, fridge, mixie and a mobile charger has vastly diverted money which was previously spent on purchasing candles or kerosene to more productive uses.

Features of aadhav solar lights :

  • Dual charging options - Solar panel or DC & AC adaptor
  • 15 years* warrenty
  • Quality System- Effective design
  • Pollution free and Environment Friendly
  • Maintenance free

Applications :
The Aadhav Solar Home Lighting System can be used at many different locations Domestic & Home Lighting, Street and Garden Lighting, Theatre & Hall & Common space lighting, Commercial & Industrial lighting.

Available capacity Warrenty
400W - 10KW 15 Years*
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