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Solar Water Heater

The Most efficient and Advanced Solar Water Heating System: As the Vacuum tube is round ; The sun rays are always striking the tubes surface at right angles,thus maintaining reflections.

Solar Water Heater – With the spiralling cost of electricity this healthy alternative to heating water not only saves money but also runs for a long, long time. aadhav solar has introduced vacuum tube technology in Solar water heaters for the first time.

The evacuated glass tube vacuum acts as a super-efficient heat trap, aluminium nitride coated heat fins absorb the solar energy. Aadhav Evacuated Tube solar water heater is made up of rows of parallel, transparent two concentric borosilicate glass tubes.

Features of aadhav solar water heater :

  • Heating from infrared rays of solar radiation
  • Heat reflecing plate also available - to increase your temperature of hot water
  • 48 hrs heat retaining capacity
  • Temperature ranges 60°C to 85°C
  • Technology for today with specially designed collectors to harness sun energy
  • Maintance free, easy to clean
  • Compact size - low height & lesser space required for installation.

Application Areas :

Apartments, Hostels & Canteens, Hotels & Resorts, Textiles, Military Barracks & Cantonment.

Available capacity Metal grade Model Warrenty
100 ltr - 10,000 ltr 304 & 306 Pressure & Non Pressure 15 Years*
  • solar water heater Evacuated tube collector (ETC) based system
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